What are Proprietary Analytics? The short answer is the engineered analysis developed using discrete methods, meant to keep the process and intellectual property private.

Why use Proprietary Analysis? In the capital markets, proprietary methods or analysis is where you’ll find tremendous value. Technical studies or ‘indicators’ native to your trading platform provide little value in terms of their ability to retain positive correlation with price itself.

Is there a difference between a custom indicator and proprietary analysis? A significant difference exists between the two approaches. A custom indicator merely looks at the data, in the same way, a simple and an exponential moving average do, they merely analyze past movement.  While proprietary analytics likely includes discrete mathematical calculations, private data feeds, formula for Intermarket analysis and more. There’s potentially a vastly different view between the two styles.

What’s different about CSFX and iForex.Market’s Proprietary Analysis and Forex Traders Course? Our approach on the market has matured over the past three decades of professional career experience in research of data science, market applications and more. What we teach is an approach on the market that isn’t merely a traders approach but one focused on data and reasoning as to why the markets move, how they move and when they move. It’s a completely dynamic and responsive understanding of the market and our Analytical models are provided for in accompanying the membership and levels of instructional access. In short we know market sentiment, market volumes and the movement of cross border capital, our proprietary models adapt to those conditions and trade on it.

Does CSFX Sell copies of the analytical models?  No, we are heavily invested in our analysis, we use them to trade along with you. We license them to those who take our Forex Traders Course. When this happens, iForex.Market becomes the analysis and strategy boutique that most traders don’t have access to. It’s a comprehensively dynamic understanding  of everything market related, a powerful service that keeps you trading well! We’ve spent the money developing market transparency that traders should never trade without!

Do you offer monthly subscriptions? We offer pricing that’s flexible based upon what traders need in educational content and trading analytics. It takes the typical trader a month to gain footing and learn to wipe the slate clean of prior knowledge.  After you’ve taken the course and used your coaching or mentorship hours you’re then transitioned into monthly billing. This helps us maintain the data feeds that support upkeep on the analytical models.


CSFX Indexes – Market Leading Sentiment

CSFX Indexes | We hear of stock market indexes and volatility indexes but USDX is a composite that few traders use. While it provides tremendous generalized directional influences for traders to read it’s entirely ineffective when trading other currencies against it. For this problems and to standardize all currencies against one another we created our indexes.  A non lagging measure of value, when used they deliver us tick by tick market sentiment. This measure is by far the most precise method of understanding cross border money flow – the core reason for all exchange rate fluctuations!

Access – All active Members | Leads Directional Changes in Price

Market Sentiment | Within our index model market sentiment leads price movement by 30 to 60 seconds.

Access – All active Members | Leads Market Prices by 30-60 Seconds

FlowTrader – Market Volume

FlowTrader |  Market opacity is harbored by the largest banking conglomerates in the world. Their corporate and fund clients trading activity tells them where prices should be based upon investment capital as it moves around the world. While market sentiment as discovered by our Indexes, leads volume, market volumes must change direction prior to price.  Otherwise price doesn’t change direction.  FlowTrader gives us a tremendous advantage in confirmation of the ebb and flow of market volumes long before price action changes direction. The insight is phenomenal! Access – All active Members.

Access – All active Members | Leads Directional Changes in Price

CSFX Sentiment Plot

CSFX Sentiment Plot | How about those over crowded charts? With our Sentiment Plot – it’s on the candle, telling you why the candles moving in either direction.  Access – All active Members.

Access – All active Members | Leads Directional Changes in Price by 30-60 Seconds

Index Differential – Directional Powerhouse!

Index Differentials | Imagine knowing how every large move in every currency pair begins. Then waiting for those events to occur. That is exactly what Index Differentials do as they measure the imbalance of cross border money flow within the individual currency indexes and the two currencies in the pairing.  This is how markets move, we are alerted by the differential as it warns us of the impending move. It’s like picking cherries out of a bowl! Access – All active Members.

Access – All active Members | Leads Directional Changes in Price

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