August 6, 2022
August 6, 2022 Nick


The Path


Unfortunately the constant within retail trader experience is the erosion of trading confidence through use of lagging historical studies within a price action based approach. Sadly neither of these carry any bearing on how FX markets move in the first place.

For so many, these are stumbling blocks which become the final blow to the traders willingness to drive forward. I can tell you that if that were the case for myself, I’d not be writing you. But what if you continued and maintained focus and determination? The stumbling blocks became my stepping stones that led me to discovery after discovery. It didn’t just surface today but there is a clear difference between retail traders and institutional participants – and it’s shocking! Institutional capital cares so little about price action it’s almost irrelevant.


  • WHY FX Rates Move with Fundamental influences.

  • HOW FX rates move with Cross Border Capital Flows

  • WHEN Prices move. Discovery of Opportunity

None of the components in the institutional approach have anything to do with charts and candles. In fact, intelligent strategy doesn’t use candles to build strategy it uses the data that causes prices to move in the first place. Always a step ahead of retail traders. Learn how we measure the fundamental influences, cross border capital flows and how we discover opportunity with market leading analysis. You can do so free! Just register for our August Course.

Looking forward to seeing you in the course! You can find to register for this months course, August 8-10 here or on the link on the home page.



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